The proud "Akayu" hot spring

An inn with carbon dioxide bubbling red water in the middle of Yunosato, a natural cedar.
You can relax in the spacious rock open-air bath and guest room open-air bath.
Please experience the "hot spring power" of 100% source.

Health management with red hot water【Hot Springs Healing Plan】

  • Manage your health with red hot water! Let's start a hot spring treatment plan.

    Would you like to spend a relaxing time at Ainori Akayu?
    Starting this month, we will be offering a "hot spring treatment plan".

    ・Hot spring treatment plan (2 nights and 5 meals included) starting from 15,500 yen per person

    With 2 nights and 5 meals included, why not take a leisurely soak in the red hot water and soothe your body and mind?
    Reservations and details will be announced later.

    *For inquiries and applications, please call or contact the front desk
    Hashu Road Inn Ainori ☎ 0172-49-5005


  • 【Sudden Offer】Nurse or Associate Nurse(part)

    At Ainori, we are in charge of nursing duties and health management for residents of the adjacent "Group Home Ainori".
    We are looking for staff to do this.
    You may be required to assist residents with meals and nursing care.
    *Although the retirement age is 60 years old, we also welcome applications from people above the retirement age.

    For details, please refer to the linked page below, call or contact the front desk.
    Hashu Road Inn Ainori ☎ 0172-49-5005

Ranked #1 in Jalan Jalan -selling hotels and #3 in the best hotels to stay at

  • The selection will be based on reviews and the top accommodation transaction amounts Jalan net March 31, 2022.

    “Ainori” is a single inn located in the Ainori Onsen near the prefectural border with Akita.In the spacious large communal bath, you can enjoy the hot springs surrounded by nature in the mountains.A hot spring called "Akayu" that turns reddish brown when it comes in contact with carbon dioxide in the air is also a specialty and is popular with locals.There are only 10 guest rooms, but all of them are luxuriously built, such as a room with an open-air bath Produced in Aomori Prefecture.The Kangetsutei -tei annex, which is made of natural cedar and Aomori Hiba (cypress), is popular for being able to enjoy a private feeling with an indoor bath made of Towada Stone and a large open-air bath.

Private room break information

  • Due to popular demand, we are extending the break time of the private room!

    1. Available from 10:30 to 14:30
       * Reservations and details can be made by phone.0172-49-5005
    2. Price Maximum capacity 4 people 
       Normal 1 room 2 hours 2,000 yen
       Small open-air bath 1 room 2 hours 2,500 yen
       Large open-air bath 1 room 2 hours 3,000 yen
       * Additional 1,000 yen per hour for extension
    Separate bathing fee: 350 yen for adults, 150 yen for elementary school students (Infants are free)
    You can also use the large public bath, red hot water, and large open-air bath.
     Food menu Pork bowl lunch and pork cutlet lunch 1,100 yen each.Curry rice 700 yen.
     Ramen ¥650.Char siu men 850 yen.Tempura soba and tempura udon are 600 yen each.

We will reopen the "No Meal plan" which has received many inquiries.

  • Please apply at the front desk or by phone.

    1. Fee:1 adult or more 1 person 3,500 yen (tax included) ~
      *A separate hot spring tax of 150 yen will be charged.
    (1) Check-in by 19:00 Check-out by 9:00
    (2) You can use the public bath.
      *23:00 to 5:00 Unavailable due to cleaning
    (3) Food is not provided, but you are free to bring your own.Cup ramen, instant coffee, etc. are sold at the shop.
    (4) We ask for your cooperation in taking garbage home with you at your own responsibility.
    (5)Bath towels and hand towels are provided in the room free of charge.
      Other amenities sets are sold at the shop

Ainori lunch menu added Pork bowl set meal & Tonkatsu set meal started

Notice of Kangetsutei Day Use Start

  • It can be used for shooting such as cosplay shooting

    “We have received inquiries about using private rooms and private baths at ryokan, and we have started day-use at Kangetsutei.
    Please contact us by phone for detailed rates and usage.

    *For inquiries and applications, please call or contact the front desk
    Hashu Road Inn Ainori ☎ 0172-49-5005

Notice to customers

  • The guest room open-air bath is the most popular!

    The most popular away from the hotel"Kangetsutei"

    The remote "Kangetsutei" is fully equipped with an indoor bath and a private open-air bath.

    The interior is a lattice ceiling of natural cedar and Aomori Hiba (cypress),
    Prepare innocent shoji and sliding doors,
    It is a calm space.

    With various seasonal scenery and a large open-air bath that you can see from your room
    Heal your daily fatigue
    Please enjoy the private feeling of the whole building.

  • \Historical road "Walking course on the Ushu Highway"/

    ★Accommodation and walking course(Held from June to October every year)

    course where you can take a walk along the historical road "Ushu Highway" with the guidance of a local guide.

    Enjoy the forest bath while thinking about the feelings of our predecessors.
    After a walk, refresh your mind and body with the natural hot springs and Akayu!
    And you can enjoy the dishes made with local ingredients to fill your heart and stomach.
    We hope you will enjoy it.
  • Measures against new coronavirus

    Thank you for using "Hashu Road Inn Ainori" on a regular basis.

    At our inn, we are making thorough efforts so that everyone can use it with peace of mind.

    Regarding the use of one-day hot springs to avoid crowding,
    When it is crowded, we may limit the number of people to 10 people as a guide.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Notice of sale of Ainori's specialty "burdock tea"

  • Ainori specialty"Ainori burdock tea"

    At Ainori, an inn on Hashu Road, we have started selling burdock tea.

    Burdock tea contains the dietary fiber inulin, which helps improve the intestinal environment when you are constipated.In addition, it contains saponin, which has a surface-active effect, and polyphenol, which has an antioxidant effect, and is said to have various effects such as improving immunity, preventing lifestyle-related diseases, and improving sensitivity to cold.

    1 bag 45g 770 yen tax included

    Enjoy burdock tea along with the hot springs.

Announcement of start of overnight stay service

  • Announcement of start of overnight stay service

    Ainori plans to start its overnight car camping service from April 20, 2024.
    Why not enjoy a relaxing night in your car while soaking in Ainori's hot springs?

    *For inquiries about rates and facilities, or to apply, please call or visit the front desk.
    Hashu Road Inn Ainori ☎ 0172-49-5005


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185 Nishiikarigasekiyama, Ikarigaseki, Hirakawa City, Aomori Prefecture

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It is located along National Route 7, less than 1 km from the Akita Prefecture border.5 minutes by car from Ikarigaseki IC Tohoku Expressway.

There is a pick-up service(conditions)
Please let us know your arrival time at the nearest station in advance.
We will pick you up at Ikarigaseki Station, Yunosawa Station, and Jimba Station
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If you have any questions, please contact us.