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Set plan

  •            \It is a plan that comes with accommodation and a walking course/

    We will guide you along the historical road "Ushu Highway" with the guide of a local guide.

    You can also see the Chinese poetry of Shoin Yoshida.
    Please enjoy the forest bath while thinking about the feelings of our predecessors.

    After a walk, you can enjoy the natural flowing Akayu hot springs and
    A dish that uses abundant local ingredients will heal your body and soul.
    Please spend a luxurious time.

    ■Walking time(60 minutes course)
    ・From 15:00 to 16:00(Before check-in)
    ・From 10:00 to 11:00(After check-in)
    You can choose either one.

    plan with a walk course on the Ushu Highway 
    1 night dinner & breakfast included (including expenses) 2 or more per person
    Usually 16,500 yen (2200 yen will be added on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays)
    Large open-air bath 17,050 yen        〃
    Small open-air bath 16,500 yen        〃

    ■Application destination    

    *Reservations must be made by phone 3 days in advance by 15:00.
    *In case of rain, we plan to watch a DVD or give a lecture by a local guide.